He’s a Crier

Dear Meredith,
I've been seeing this guy for about two months. It's been great, but he's a crier.

For example, he has a very high ranking role the army and he sometimes stays up all night. After being up for 35 hours, I said, "If I were in your position, I'd be useless," and  said that I was impressed that he was still working. He then responded, "That means so much to me," along with a crying emoji. I asked if he was really crying and he said yes.

I realize he is going off of no sleep in 35 hours, but when he says he is crying because of a compliment, it turns me off.

So is this just a result of another idea that society has embedded into my head ("men don't cry"), or am I right to be a little off put by this?

P.S this is just one example, there's been a few other times.

Check the video to see Meredith's response.