I talked about myself too much

We need letters from people in their 30s. If you're that age, tell us what's happening, please.

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I am a 25-year-old woman, and I find it very difficult to find the right man. Every time I find the "perfect guy" he is either out of a long relationship or doesn't want a relationship – but then two months later he is in a relationship with someone else.

On a recent night, I left my friends early and stopped into a pizza place near my house. While I was waiting, there was a lovely 31-year-old guy there and he chatted with me. I was about to leave but he invited me to sit down with him and his friends. He told me he was having a house party and asked me to go with him, so I did. I stayed with him that night, and then he drove me home the next day and bought me food. We added each other on Facebook and messaged a few times. He asked me how I was, and I told him I had issues at work. I was basically telling him everything that was happening, and then I realized I didn't really ask how he was. Now he has stopped responding to my messages. I sent him a message apologizing that I talked too much about work, but he never opened the message. I don't know what to do. Also, I left an item of clothing (my skirt) at his place. I don't know if I'll get that back.

– Skirt

You could message him about the skirt, but if it isn't your favorite, I'd let it go. Sometimes we lose our skirts. It happens.

As for the fizzling of this very new relationship, who knows what drove him away? It's great that you're self-aware about how you made the Facebook chat all about you, but don't assume that was the deal-breaker. This guy spent an all-nighter with you. If he had been super excited about your connection, he would have wanted to forgive one bad message session. We all have terrible days and need to vent. You learned a great lesson about thoughtful communication, but give yourself a break about one selfish back-and-forth.

As much as I don't know what happened here, I do know that there are no perfect guys. That's a good thing, because if there were, you'd have to figure out a way to be perfect, too. Just keep dating. If you're capable of meeting a man at a pizza place, you're better at it than you think.

– Meredith

Readers? Was this about the chat? Should she get that skirt back?