Religious differences

Happy Monday. Here you go:
Q: Can 2 people w/ vastly different religious beliefs make it work? She’s VERY Christian & doesn’t drink. I was brought up Catholic but haven’t been to church in 20 years & enjoy a few beers a couple of times a week.
It’s very early, I really like her (& think she feels the same) — but I’m thinking I should throw in the towel b/c it probably won’t work long-term. We’re older (she’s 35, I’m 39) & looking for marriage & family, but I worry we’re wasting each other’s time. Can this work?

— Name Patrick Is NOT converting

A: PINC, it most certainly can work – it’ll just be tricky.
So far, you guys have put up with each other’s life choices. Assuming you’re reading the situation right, you still really like each other.
Here’s the issue: kids. Would this woman marry someone who might not want to raise kids Christian? Are you open to raising children who will be VERY Christian?
I can’t answer any of these questions. But before you throw in the towel, ask this woman how she feels about your differences and find out what compromises you’d both be willing to make. People with different backgrounds make it work all the time. I’ve been to weddings that combined Catholicism and Judaism. I watched “Twilight” twice this weekend. That’s a vampire and a human. It’s fiction, yes, but whatever. Love is love. And love generally forgives a few beers a week. Just find out what would happen to the offspring.
Readers? Has anyone out there made it work with someone who doesn’t share their religious beliefs? Tell me some stories. Can this work if they want to raise a family? Are they wasting time? Share here. Submit a letter to the right. Follow the Twitter thing here.

— Meredith