TNTBJ updates us on Cape girl trip

She kept her word. Here you go, an update from from Trying Not To Be Jealous — Meredith
Hello again fellow readers – I wish I had an update for you but I don’t! It has been “radio silence” from my BF since he left last week. Actually we haven’t spoken since last Monday.
When I wrote the post last week, it was before we had our last exchange of emails in which he said he was extremely angry with me (he used the term “livid”), and said he would not want to talk to me when he got back. He also never said whether he was coming back Monday or Tuesday.
So, I have had a miserable time trying to wait to contact him, but later tonight I will. Not sure what I will say or how it will go. But I will keep you posted!
Regarding the post from “Saddened” – yes that is either a [false] post or the person thinks this post is about someone else. There was no surprise party, its not my birthday anytime soon.
And to Andrew who has posted – I was NEVER invited to this weekend trip. I’m sorry I’ve omitted all the details (I was trying to keep it as short and simple as possible). When I say I was not worried about him cheating, its because up until this weekend trip came up, I had never suspected or worried about him cheating before. But this weekend seems to be a different situation.
I posted this on precisely because he insisted repeatedly that this trip was normal, that there was nothing wrong with it, and that I should “ask anyone”. I asked a few of my friends, but I really thought an unbiased opinion from someone who doesn’t know either of us would help.