Love Letters spam

I’m writing from the Cape today.
I came down for the holiday weekend to see a good friend from college get married in Orleans. The affair was lovely — but when I got back from the wedding reception last night, I couldn’t unzip my dress. The zipper was stuck on a piece of fabric and it just wouldn’t budge. I’m staying on the Cape alone in a house that’s miles away from the wedding party — so basically, I was stuck in the dress, which isn’t the most comfortable of getups. I tried to stay calm and to convince myself that sleeping in the dress wouldn’t be terrible. But by 10:30 p.m., I felt so claustrophobic in the dress that I started driving around in a panic, looking for women working at 24-hour gas stations who could undo my zipper. But every open gas station I could find was run by a man, and it just seemed moderately unsafe to ask some random guy to undo my zipper at 11 p.m. in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, the point of this story is that I’d like to give a big shout-out to the woman working at Tedeschi’s across from the Kream ‘n Kone in Dennisport, who undid my zipper last night. She was like a superhero.
As I explained Friday, I’m taking today’s holiday to post what I like to call Love Letters spam — e-mails that are too short, too vague, or too off topic to put up for the masses. I get about 10 of them a day. The letters below — which I’ve left unedited — are just some examples. When I string them all together, they’re like a long, sad love poem. Feel free to answer any of the questions. A few of them are actually legitimate — just too short for us on a regular day.
We’ll get back to normal tomorrow.
— Meredith

I was wondering, what are the rules and regulations when your on a “break” with someone?
— Kibs, London
i live with my boyfriend and he is obsessed with myspace he is always on it and gets comments of females and he never lets me see his page as to me im open with i have nothing to hide i dont like the fact these females now hes in a relationship and still writes to my man and i know he writes them also my question why does he do that?
— Gig, anaheim/ca
My husband & I don’t communicate anymore, I want to talk & He never does, our sex lives is (there is none) We were talking to our pastor, but that is not going anywhere!He doesn’t appreciate anything I do for him anymore! Please help! Should I give up or keep trying
The Punting game was terrible against Balt. Please ask Coach why they continue to punt down the middle only to watch the ball go into the endzone. Why not corner kick and try to get it inside the 10. No reason to give up 20 yard. This happened several times. BB allways talking special teams yet he allows this to continue.
— Punting man, Biddeford Maine
Okay, well in 7th grade I found out that this guy named Eli liked me. Then I started to like him back immediately. He was going to ask me out on the last day of 7th grade, but for some reason, he never did. I’ve tried so hard to try to stop liking him, but its impossible. Ive heard around a lot that he still likes me too, and every time i ask him its always the same. “Nope, I never said that.” I just decided to give up on asking him. We are becoming friends and talking, he is the class clown so he picks on me and stuff. He does that to a lot of people though… Its really hard to tell if its me he likes, i think he does. And a lot of others do too. I’m pretty sure his friends know too, but they wont tell me. He just wont ask me out. Is he EVER going to?
— Hannah, Lufkin, TX
how do i get my ex bak
— 1akitty, bellflowerCA
First and foremost, I’m glad I found this site!! Well here I go. This morning my husband woke up and out of nowhere asked me “baby did I take my condoms out”? “I mean, contacts”. I was like what the hell?!? Could this be a sign of whats done in the dark just came out to light? I don’t know but I’m a wonderer and I am so very uncomfortable with this. I brushed it off at the moment and laughed at the question and answered his “REAL” question. Buuuuut….. My inner, real me wanted to choke the truth out of him. If there’s a truth. Or am I only over reacting? Though in my opinion there can’t possibly be an over reaction to such thing when we don’t use condoms. We’re trying to get pregnant!!! Please help me….. Can you??
— The Carter, Newark, NJ
Hello. I met a man at Top of the Hub and he asked me out for dinner. Unfortunately, I said no and now I am terribly regretting it!!! Do you have any suggestions for trying to find out who he was? I never even got his name! He was wearing a suit with a red tie on Saturday, Sept. 5th around 10 pm.
— Kate, Boston, MA
okay, my boyfriend has been a jerk to me lately, and i don’t like it. What should i do? When i tell him that he hurt my feelings, he just avoids the subject. and my friend told him off on email, and he blamed me for it, and it made me cry. I couldn’t take it anymore, and now i don’t know what to do. I said that i’d give him a week to shape up…did i do the right thing?
— mac n cheese, rockwall, texas
hi ive been in relationship for 8 years my boyfriend told me he needs space any advice
does that mean he wants to break up
— joy, commerce city
I am an Australian female desperately searching for a man who resides in Boston that I met on holidays on Friday June 12,2009 at the VIP lounge of the Skandinavian Bar in Mykonos. He asked me to change my holiday plans and stay the extra time in Mykonos with him and i regret not doing so. After spending hours together i was overwhelmed with how i was feeling, i don’t open my heart very easily and never expected something so special to happen like this to me. He was perfect in every way, maybe too perfect and i overthought the situation with him living in Boston and myself in Sydney and i left him despite him telling me we could make it work. I left without exchanging our contact details, that’s another regret i have. I really wish i had stayed and never left his sight. They say when you find the right person you will just know, this is all new to me and I have not stopped thinking about him ever since. I even tried to find him the next day, the only means I had was the hotel he was staying at, the Santa Marina Resort but had no luck with them due to their confidentiality policy. Everything I realised was a day too late as he and his friend left for their home town of Boston. This is totally out of character for me but i’m a hopeless romantic at heart and I now believe I should try anything to find him. I know that he is in the software sales game and in his early 30’s. All I have is a photo of him and his friend, i am hoping that you can post my letter in your column along with the photo so i can reach out to the people of Boston and prove the 6 degrees of separation theory or through some miracle he may read this. I truly believe that this is the one and finding him would change my life. Any suggestions on how i could possibly find him?
— LostMyBostonMan, Sydney, Australia
Are you married? or in a LTR?
— Regards, Chris
So I work as a waitress in a restaurant. Last week, I got drunk with friends and went home with a coworker that I dont know very well at all. In the morning, we walked back to the restaurant, he gave me a kiss and hug, while I stood awkardly because I realized I really am interested in him. Before we hooked up, I mentioned how i was aware that he was sleeping with a different coworker, but he said they were not in a relationship. So, I made a comment to him that he knew where my phone number was (on our company phone tree), though we both are aware that his has yet to be added. So I haven’t heard from him, is he not interested? What should I do?
— Waitress, Boston
I notice in 90% of the reader responces they are telling the letter writer to seek therapy. As a bit of a change I would love to see a poll set up of how many commenters actually go/have gone to therapy themselves. Mostly just curious as I have never gone myself and would be interested in knowing a general (albeit random) percentage. For background I am 28, male, and single with 2 serious relationships in the rearview.
— Therapy?, Boston
Long story short I’m in love with my FWB. It started with getting what I was missing in my relationship with my boyfriend. My friend and I have become extremely close I see him a few times a week and we talk everyday. I feel like I have found my soul mate, and I know he feels the same. The real problem is we both have others in our lives and we just can’t seem to let go of them in order for us to move forward.He doen’t want to hurt his GF and I don’t want to hurt my BF either. So my question is do I keep seeing him or just end this relationship? I love him and everything about him. I am not in love with my BF he has become my roommate not the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. This is probally common sense to most but I need to know what you think.
— Luvs, nashua,nh
I Wanna Let The Person Know That
Im Her For Him And Will Always Be as Long as
He Needs Me Too Be And I Wann Let Him Know
What He Means Too Me & Where My Lovis For Him
— Juice, Tacoma, WA
have a friend that i have known scince high school and we have gone on a few dates. she informed me that she didn’t want a relationship but every time we hang out or go to a party together she flirts with me. just recently she pulled me to the side before i left and i was just gonna give her a kiss on the cheek and she pulled me twoard her and kissed me on the lips there are also times when she has me stay the night with her and sleep in the same bed, we dont do anything, but we are always drunk at tne time.What does that mean? Does she just want to be friends or something more?
— Krazzykiid, Indianapolis, Indiana
I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years next month. About 5 months ago i was reading his text. He texted his EX to take a shower with him. Nothing happened but i got made. So we got past that. We now live together, but he myspaced her the other day. What do I do?
— T, OR
ok this is what is going on. i am messing with a boy right now. he already told me that he dont want to settle down with me for now. But can he get attach to me by the time and take me seriously?.. he loves the way we kiss and when he is with me he is very loveable , but he doesn’t want to settle down right now. . what should i do?
— Sarah, paterson, new jersey
how do i need to deal with the trust issus that i have?
— B Man, warner robins’GA
how do people make sex?
— Fiona, windhoek
Hi, There is a cute boy on my bus that I have been checking out lately. I am pretty sure that he has reciprocated. I recently got up the courage and the opportunity to sit next to him, but that was it. Any advice on what to say to him, or how to start the conversation? I don’t want to seem creepy. Thanks!
— not a creep, Cambrid
Im dating this guy for sometime and we do not use protection, I recently found out that I have a STD, I know for a fact he did not pass it on, I know exactly who did ( I confronted my ex and he admit to it), Iam so afraid of my current boy- friend to find out, He recently checked himself and said he’s clean, I do belive him…Im so worried..What should I do??
— Shanna, culver city, CA
I have always been a mini skirt and heels type of gal but now that I am single and 43 why is it that I have become a long skirt and heels woman? I am petite ( size 2) and cute, but suddenly I have adopted this style over the past year. Can my new style attract men or will I need to go back to the old “mini skirt and heels” look?
— sarah, easton, mass