Love Letters: The Results Show, part 2

These updates are sort of fascinating, right? Today is the big grilled cheese update. I’m giddy, too.
Many of you have asked about Cape girl. She hasn’t emailed her update yet. She says she’s going to — but she hasn’t. I’m not sure if she’s just not ready, or maybe it’s too painful. As soon as she sends, I’ll post.
Our first update is from the recent letter writer who said she met a “smokin’ hottie.” Here’s her letter.

And here’s the update.
Thanks for your advice. I spoke to Mr. Smokin’ Hottie, and was nonchalant but honest about finding him attractive. He was very kind, but honest about not being romantically attracted to me. We have since made plans to hang out, just as friends…but there’s no potential there. Time to find the next gentleman that floats my boat, so to speak.
Again, thanks for your kind words 🙂
— Dreaming About a Smokin’ Hottie
Shoot. Well, I’m glad she tried. I hope someone floats her boat soon.
Next is an update from the recent letter writer who was not so smitten about her very smitten boyfriend.
Here’s the letter.
And her response:
Thanks for running my letter! The comments are hilarious and I am enjoying reading them. (Are some of those readers always that mean? Haha) I appreciate the advice and I have an update for you.
I did go to the dinner and it went very well. His parents are very sweet/fun and I think I like him more now that I’ve met his fam.
It seems the consensus was that it’s not a huge deal, so I did my best to make it just that and had a great time. I also got some good insight as many of you said and if anything, I think it made me more comfortable with the whole situation. So thank you and thanks to everyone who offered their advice/sympathy!
— Now fairly smitten kitten
Good, right? Here’s an update from the woman who found an old sex tape on her boyfriend’s computer. This was the letter. Here’s the update:
Everything with my guy is great. I listened to you and your readers and “got over it.” I sent Stan the link to the LL, went home and gave him a hug, and we laughed together about the whole thing. I still think about the videos sometimes, but I try to think of them in a positive way — like my own personal viewing. I don’t always succeed, but for the most part I’ve turned it into something that I can enjoy. And while this is only in my head, because those videos were deleted, I’m hoping to make some of my own videos soon 🙂
Oh, and the scrapbooks have been invited into the house (I will smile and fake it until I make it).
— A.V.
And now, drum roll please … Mr. Grilled Cheese. Really, when I picked the euphemism, it was just before lunch and I was in the mood for dairy. For those of you who don’t remember, here’s the letter.
And his response:

I am not with the same woman anymore. I’m currently single, and have been dating, but haven’t found anything long term yet. I have experienced the wonders of grilled cheese since my breakup, and I must say, I will never go back to a relationship without it. I came to the realization that my ex was very selfish, not just about grilled cheese, but in general, and as hard as it was to break up, I am looking forward to finding someone who doesn’t leave me wanting. Thanks.
— Grilled Cheese Guy

Wow. So there you go. Grilled cheese conquers all.
I hope you all realize that while Love Letters is often fun, games, and song lyrics, the letter writers do pay attention to our advice. Pat yourselves on the back and behind. You do a good job. If you have something to say about these updates — perhaps a pep talk for Dreamin’ or thoughts about Mr. Grilled Cheese, share here.
Monday is a holiday and many of you will be away from your computers. Instead of posting one letter, I’ll be putting up a collection of notes I’ve received over the past few months that were too short – or too confusing – to run. It should be an entertaining read for those of you stuck working. We’ll get back to normal on Tuesday.