Hooked up with the bartender update

We had a nice letter last week from a woman who hooked up with a bartender. If you remember correctly, I gave her some tough love. I was quite pessimistic.
In this case, it’s good to be wrong.
According to our letter writer, Mr. Bartender resurfaced just before his trip and claimed that his nephew broke his phone. Mr. Bartender eventually found the letter writer’s number and wound up flying to Boston on Sunday.
Here was the update as of Tuesday:
“We got him checked into his hotel, and then got a bite to eat and then just walked around the city. He held my hand the whole time. Yesterday, he wanted an adventure, so I gave him an address to a coffee shop and told him to find me. The only rule was that he couldn’t take a cab. Amazingly, he did very well and found me … took him ~40 extra mins from set time, but nonetheless, he did it. We walked everywhere, and went into the BPL, and did Trinity Church, Fenway, South End, The Hill…
So far so good! We have even started about me going to see him in NC….so I think things are starting to look promising!”

I was right about one thing. It is a Kate Hudson movie, yes? Our letter writer added:
“Your readers never cease to amaze me…they are really cool, educated, and have strong opinions! As I am one of them, I will put myself into that category! Thank you again for the advice!”
So there you go.
Now go eat some turkey.