Holiday spam

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It’s a Monday holiday, which means it’s time for Love Letters spam — the letters that come in a bit too vague, too short, or too nonsensical for me to answer. I’ve left them mostly untouched. Have fun with some comments. We’ll get down to business tomorrow.

– Meredith

Recently, my wife and I were having lunch with a man that my wife had known socially. During the conversation, as they faced each other, I was astounded to notice that my wife was stroking her ice tea glass up and down and the man was circling the top of his glass with his fingers. It seemed to be on an unconscious level. To what degree should I be concerned?
— Ray, San Antonio
Is it possible to love two people at the same time? I love two men for totally different reasons and can’t seem to let either one go what do I do?
— Teah, Hudson, Mass.
I wrote a love letter to a old friend(10 yrs.). I think we’ve both been In love a long time. She was @ school a few years. We’ve stayed in touch. In January she came back. We’ve had a few lunches and numerous text’s, I haven’t heard from her in 2 weeks, silence. Is she avoiding me because she hates me or what? We’re both medical professionals?
— Chris, Houston
How do you really show a girl that you love her through love letter
— Method man, Nigeria
When is this worthless column going to be removed?
— Two Forks, Florida
why the heck can’t I find the comment box?????
— Peacegirl, Middleton
I am currently in a relationship with a guy for 3 years who just recently moved to florida across the country for a job. Six months into it I am the one paying for my tickets to come see him when i am still working through college and he is making a good salary. I feel like he would do everything possibly to send me down there if he really wanted to be with me. I am so confused and do not know if I should end it or even how to end it since it is my first relationship.
— Allycat, Michigan
Hello. I am in High school. I am known as the weird girl and my main way of comunication with the “popular” kids is through facebook. I accepted this guys because he friend requested me through friend finder. We have only talked on facebook but we know a lot about one another because we ask each other for advice and we ask each other simple questions like our favorite colors and foods. One problem…….
Should I talk to him in person? I know he goes to my school don’t worry. My friends even know him and i see him a lot. But I am nervous and act weird when near him what do I do!!!???
— Crazyinlove101, City/Town Los Angeles
Seriously, I think there is something wired incorrectly in my system. I am almost 28 and have never had a girlfriend. Two issues pop out, either I am hideous, or I am not confident. Well I am certainly not a model but I think I am average or slightly above average, and confident to be able to hold a relevant conversation. I am in grad school so I think I am able to speak with some reliability about current events and issues and yet I fail to meet anyone. Dating is a game that I don’t know how to play. Maybe I am too straight forward and don’t mince words or sugarcoat them.
— What is wrong with me, Boston