Kisses to build dreams on

For those who missed it yesterday, the “Prelude to a Kiss” ticket contest had people sending me paragraphs about the person they wanted to kiss most. The entries made me laugh, cry, and feel better about the world, in general. Thank you. Here are just a few of the entries, for your reading pleasure. – Meredith
Who do I want to kiss tonight? The answer is the same man whom I’ve wanted to kiss every day for the last ten years: my husband. He is the person who makes me feel like a better me, the person I didn’t know I could be. Pretending is not an option when I’m around him, I’m my true self. He’s seen me at my worst and I his, and because of this, I fall more and more madly in love with him every day. We kiss each other good morning, good night and everything in between every day, even when we’re not having a good day. I feel excited when I’m with him and feel blessed to have married my best friend and soul mate. Never could I imagine my life without him, it would bring me to tears. He is a wonderful husband and father and I’m spoiled. May everyone find someone to make them feel this way … this is the way life should be lived … a fairy tale.
I am writing to tell you that today I would like to kiss my wonderful husband. As I write this, he is sitting with me in our chemo bay at the hospital. I’m being treated for breast cancer, which was first detected last year, and he has been here with me for every single one of my treatments. He holds my purse when I go to get my blood drawn, chats with me to keep me distracted and entertained during my infusions (which usually take something like four hours), tells jokes to make me laugh, and always maintains a strong positive attitude about beating this disease. It is because of him that the kids were fed and dressed and the dishes and laundry got done during that time. Things are looking better now. The chemotherapy is different and much easier to manage. My strength is returning and things feel a lot more normal around our house, even though I have more weeks of chemo remaining, followed by six weeks of radiation I need to do. I don’t have any hair, and physically I am permanently changed by the surgery, but my husband still makes me feel beautiful and sexy, and most of all, loved. And so I would like to kiss him today for being all of these things and more.
Who do I want to kiss tonight? The same guy I kissed this morning — my boyfriend. I want to kiss him because he kisses my forehead every night and calls me to wake me up every morning, because he always takes the trash out, because he remembers my favorite ice cream, never eats the last cookie, and makes sure I always have Twizzlers at the movies. And, when my sister is upset and I can’t answer my phone, he always answers his and doesn’t try to rush her off. But mostly, I want to kiss him because I love him. I love him for all the reasons I’ve already said, but I also love him for thousands more that I can’t quite put my finger on. He’s the guy I was looking for and I want to kiss him so no one else can.
Last year, my live-in boyfriend broke up with me. One day, he just said he couldn’t do it anymore and he left. Prior to that, I had discovered that he had been cheating on me, and we were really making a go at it (or so I believed). I want very much to be able to kiss the man who stayed with me that whole weekend, making sure I was OK, taking me out for walks so the ex could come by and get his stuff, and also giving the ex a place to stay so we didn’t have to be with each other anymore. This friend is very special to me. I feel very grateful for good friends.
Today is a beautiful day, the first sunny, breezy day in a while — just right to be with your special someone. I had a special someone and I let him slip away. After a rather sterile initial meeting, we embarked on a barn-burner of a romantic ride reminiscent of one of those romance movies from the fifties. He was almost too good to be true and I started to doubt him and me. I didn’t permit myself to think his heart was true. So, if I could, l would like to kiss him today. To see him again, to kiss him again would make the blueness in my heart evaporate into the blueness of today’s sky and the eternal blue color of those eyes.
When I think about who I want to kiss, it is a no-brainer. I should tell you that our first kiss was AWFUL (I was so nervous). Luckily she gave me another chance and, now 8 years later, we are happily married, just bought a house together and are doing well. With her, the highs are made higher and the lows are not so low. She has helped me get through some of the most challenging moments of my life and, together, I know we can overcome any obstacles. I know this may not be the most fun or interesting paragraph you will receive today, but I just had to throw my hat into the ring. As cliche as I know it is, the one person I want to kiss today is the person who has made me happier than I could have ever imagined being. That person is my wife.
Meredith, in response to your request from today’s, the person I want kiss today is my gf. She has the most beautiful lips in the world and I’m absolutely enthralled by them. I love looking at her lips move when she talks or just looking at them when she puckers up and we’re kissing. Her lips are very expressive and I can tell a lot of her moods from just watching them, even if she is irritated at me. Its like I’m binging on butter pecan ice cream. One scoop isn’t enough.
The moon shines down casting shadows from the trees above. The white lights twinkle all around us. Steve Perry is signing “Faithfully” directly to my heart. I lean up to kiss him — but before he lets me, he pulls out his single blade Bic razor and shaves off his mustache with one swift downward pull. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love and kiss a man who shaves off a mustache in a music video for the world to see? Before you get on that bus again and “ride into the midnight sun” know that “I am forever yours, faithfully.” Kiss me, Steve Perry ….