Love Letters party pics

Here are some nice shots of last week's Love Letters party taken by fantastic Globe freelancer Aram Boghosian. I'm not putting any names on these, but yes, some of these people are regular commenters (don't out anybody, please). Of course, there were many lurkers there, too. Thanks to Orleans and Kickass Cupackes for the food.

If you didn't make it, please join us for the next event.

This is a pic of people having a nice time.


This is me laughing with film critic Wesley Morris but secretly resenting him for winning the Romance Rumble. In the end, "Casablanca" was better than I remembered.


This is a person in a cool hat.


These are people eating food. I think they were on a double date, but I'm not sure.


This is Wesley getting to know some commenters.


These two are cute.


These people are very nice.


This one, which I posted earlier this week in chat, is me getting bossy with Love Letters producer Glenn Yoder.