Cotton all over me

For the second anniversary of Love Letters, I asked people to send me pictures of themselves in cotton.
Because cotton is the traditional gift for second anniversaries.
(Don’t ask me why. I don’t make the rules.)
Here are my favorite three photos. Prizes will be sent out soon.
First place, because this shot involves elastic pants and a loving family.
The caption: We all got the same Christmas present this year from Gram!
Second place, because it’s basically Love Letters pornography.
The caption: Hi Mere! Happy anniversary, Love Letters! This is a photo of my two loves- my boyfriend and my dog, Fenway. They are snoozing together wrapped in cozy cotton flannel sheets. What better way to celebrate a wintery anniversary? Or any day, for that matter.
Third place, because it makes me laugh.
The caption: Happy 2nd anniversary, Meredith and Love Letters! I went all the way down to Charleston, SC just to pick some cotton for you. I toiled in the heat for hours. Do you know of a cotton gin that I can use? I sure hope there are some readers who enjoy knitting.