Trouble on the Cape

In chat on Wednesday, I was telling everybody that I had received a letter that made me very nostalgic for youthful times on the beach, summer romance, and the original "Beverly Hills: 90210."

I told everyone that I wasn't going to run the letter because it seemed too ... young ... but everyone said they wanted to read it, so here it is. It's a bonus letter for a beach day.

Be nice. Remember the drama of summer love. For the record, I am Team Belle.

Hi Meredith,

I love your column and advice. Here is my issue. I am working at a Cape Cod beach resort this summer with a few friends from college, including a guy and a girl who dated off and on during the school year: "Mark" and "Tiffany." They were "on" this past spring when Tiffany started working at our school's cafe and became interested in the cafe's manager, "Jeff," who reciprocated her feelings. She was upfront with Mark about her feelings for Jeff and they broke up.

Fast forward to now, and Mark is dating the daughter of the resort's director, "Belle," who also works on staff. Seeing them together, Tiffany is having second thoughts about breaking up with Mark. Worse, Jeff came out from Boston to visit her for the day, but Mark saw him that night at a local club dancing with some random girls. None of us have told Tiffany. My question is whether I should.

I personally think she and Mark should be together, and this would be one step in that direction if Tiffany ended up dumping Jeff. At the same time, I don't want to interfere with Mark's relationship with Belle, as he's happy and any break up there may make working conditions painful. Save me from making a bad decision because all I want is to enjoy this summer with my friends. Thanks.

– Summer Loving

SL, let everyone figure this stuff out on their own. Tiffany is already doubting Jeff. She doesn't need a push from you. And really, what is there to tell her? That you heard from someone else that Jeff was dancing with women? You didn't even see it yourself. And dancing isn't a cheat.

Even though it'd be fun for you if Mark and Tiffany got back together, Mark has to do what's best for him. And right now (and probably just for the summer), that means dating Belle.

You've only got about a month left of all of this. Let everybody do what they're doing. Keep silent. It'll all fall into place when you get back to school. Focus on trying to find your own romance in these last few weeks (assuming you haven't already).

Chapin's anyone? Readers? Discuss.

– Meredith