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Have you ever "surveyed" your readers to get an idea of their collective backgrounds? I'm an infrequent reader of the column - usually because it seems like the responses come from a collection of idealistic and out of touch romantics, or mildly bitter lovelorn souls. I'd be really interested to find out the demographics of the group here. Single, Married, (repeatedly) divorced? Relationship histories? Ages? Socio-economics? I'm sure that there are a number of other characteristics that one could devise that would be interesting to know.......
Rustywheel, Boston, MA

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a common friend of me and my girl keeps calling my girl "beb" and iknow that person likes my girl. Ii already told my gurl to tell our friend to stop and she said that she did the first time she called her "beb." I caught again that person calling my girl "beb" and again ask her why she keeps on calling her "beb". my girl said that she doesnt know why she keeps on saying it. last night while i was browsing some updates on my facebook and i saw that one of pictures that had comment again with the "beb" word on it and saying "your so cute beb". i confronted my girl again for the 3rd time and we started to arguea and she got mad. now she is deciding to break it up. Do you think i that my action is inapproproiate or do you think im right
dexnesta, los angeles

how far is it from earth to the moon
Chic, Grand Rapids, MI

i have ended a 5 year relationshjp as i was emotional abandoned. i am wondering whether i should get my belongings or just move on? i can now see that kindness can be conseved as weekness
portage, mi

what if i fall inlove with a married man,and he feel the same way too.he and his wife meets only 3 days a week,.and he can saw me 5 days in a wik and he can also send me txt msgs. everyday..i agree that when his wife is at home i will not call him what word i call him when we meet when i text can i write a simple love letter telling i love him even he is married?
annie, tuguegarao city

should you leave your partner if you have been drunk for a night and he doesn't even wants to look at you or gyde wile drunk,if he leefs you walking alone drunk at night?
Sandra, suriname