He’ll be gone in two months

A short letter for the holiday ...

Dear Meredith,

I have been dating this guy for about three months. Things appeared to be going great until a few weeks ago when he dropped an atomic bomb. He is moving to CA either March or April 1st. He still wants to see me up until he moves, and I want to see him. Problem is, I am really falling for him and am already upset. Not sure if I should just end it now and be heartbroken or enjoy our last couple of months until he moves away and risk a bigger heartbreak!

I thought about the possibility of a long-distance relationship however my last one ended badly and that was only one state away.

I am devastated! HELP!

– Not Sure What to Do, Wakefield

I'd keep dating him, NSWTD. We're allowed to enjoy relationships even if we know they're not going to last forever. Also, the extra months give you time to figure out what you'll be missing. Maybe you'll decide mid-February that he's not as great as you thought he was in December. That would make it easier to move on -- and to prevent you from romanticizing all of the what-ifs after he moves. Of course, you also might wind up liking him more over the next few months, but that will also be a good lesson. Yes, there will be heartbreak, but you could have your heart broken by someone who lives down the street.

You've got to figure it out, so go for it. Just pay attention. Focus on who he is, not his impending departure. And enjoy yourself because you just never know. If things are still this great on April 1, you both might want to reevaluate.

Readers? Is it worth seeing someone if you know the relationship has an end date? What should the letter writer be doing with this time? Discuss.

– Meredith