Presidents’ Day spam

It's a Monday holiday, which means it's time for Love Letters spam -- the letters that come in a bit too vague, too short, or too nonsensical for me to answer. Enjoy, feel free to help these people, and I'll see you tomorrow.

- Meredith

What if your boyfriend can't get over his ex-girlfriend cheating on him and he is not talking much to the girl he's with now?
kia, Sparta

I Met This guy ..This Angel that went back from heaven and took me away..back to 4 years ago..and Today i saw him and i know that i will not get over him matter what im Saying !!i Shouldnt Love Him because I know that im not ready or better saying shy...and its not easy to talk to him ...dont you answer me with talk to him ...cuz i wont ..just so you know ..This feeling is taking control ..i Just Look Back To my Past With Him and I wonder Why ?Why did My heart pick him?Oh my god ..i just cant help it..i wont sit around ..i Wanna be With him..I thought he should know ....I tried my best to lest go
..tried my best to forget him...but seeing his face again took me back to this point--i Dont know what to do?can you help me ?
Emma, Russia

i had began dating this girl whom am with in the same university,she was responding well until she knew i have a girlfriend and she changed,she had also told me she has a boyfriend back at home,I actually dont love my current girlfriend,i just stick with her becoz she assists me academically(we are in the same class),i want someone whom i love and appreciate,please advice me on how to convince this new girl,email me pliz.
What do I do, if I still like my ex a lot. But I have amazing guys after me? Advice please.
Daniela, FL

Heather was clearly upset. what were her issues at your work?
c.a. lakewood

My husband and I recently divorced (final a month ago) but still talk some. He still has some man-stuff in the garage and still getting his mail at my house, and still using my address on job apps, etc. He moved in with someone before our divorce was final and is using her and lieing to her while all the while still talking to me, and still having sex with me occasionally behind her back. I want to tell her, save her the trouble of being hurt and used before she's in too deep, but my friends tell me not to.
Spring Hill, TN

I have been lurking around here for quite sometime but i havent made a comment, just thought i would say hello!

I can't get over my ex Andrew he is cute and I think that i love him But its been almost a year since we broke up is that bad that I can't get over him yet or am i still head over heals for him
Jenny, El mirage