Am I too picky?

Happy Friday. Stay cool.

I've gone out with this guy a few times. He's pretty nice, very cute, and funny. Right now he's working a lower-end job, which doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that he has no drive to change it. He told me that he could go back to school to get a better job but it would be "too much work" and "too hard." I guess my big problem is that he doesn't seem very motivated. This is a real turnoff to me. I push myself pretty hard in my career and I want to be with someone who does the same. He's also a few years older than I am. My gut is telling me to stop going on dates with him, but there's still that doubt that I'm doing the wrong thing or being a "jerk" or "too picky."

What do you think?

– Picky or Realistic, Boston

Your gut is right, POR. You want to be with someone who cares about his job. That doesn't make you a jerk. This guy just isn't a match for you.
Some people would be similarly turned off by a guy who isn't very cute. Some people need to be with a partner who makes a lot of money. We all have different priorities when it comes to dating. You want a guy who's passionate about his career. That's fine.

I usually tell letter writers to go out on at least a few dates with nice and cute people before making any big decisions about deal-breakers. Every now and then those deal-breakers become tolerable and maybe even endearing after a few dinners. But you've gone out with this guy a few times and it's just not sticking. You gave it a fair chance. You kept an open mind.

You should be able to end this and feel good about yourself.

Readers? Too picky? Why does the letter writer doubt this decision? Is the LW afraid of not being able to find anyone else? What if this isn't the first time the LW has called off a relationship after a few dates? What's up with the guy and the whole "too much work" thing? Discuss.

– Meredith