Love Letters spam

It's a Monday holiday, which means it's time for Love Letters spam, a.k.a. the letters that come in a bit too vague, too short, too off-topic, or too nonsensical for me to answer. (And yes, some of it is just straight-up ridiculous bulk mail.)

Here's the latest. Feel free to comment, advise, and enjoy.

- Meredith

is it possible to work the relationship when both of u are different religous belief especially if you are a girl & you cant adapt his religion & u cant change yourself & youre religion
Chris, Quezon City

Is it wrong to read your boyfriend's phone while he is asleep if you think he's cheating? And if you find he is are you justified to have done so?
Concerned Citizen, Hull

I need a caring and a lovely guy in my life hw can i get it?
Joycee, Nigeri

Have a major issue ... my ex left me the day my mom was burried. Took my Dog, cash and everything see could carry ... Now 7mnts. later she wants to come back.But I really don't know thans theres other than love left , the "in love I just don't feel" from her ... help
Drew, texas

My ex-boyfriend from high school (42 years ago) has come in contact with me on facebook. That was 2 years ago. I would love to see him again, but I think he seems shy. What would you do to try and get him to meet over a cup of coffee or something? Im sensing that he is a bit shy and perhaps doesn't think I will like him.
Gardengirl, MN

yes their is, your mined your body,and your soul your life is more import then anything in this world.IFyou need help call on JESUS he will give the bible.
Love, Mich

Sometimes it would be a better service to the Letter Writers to NOT post their letters. The responses are tasteless and hurtful. Do you really think you are helping the Letter Writers with this stuff? With some letters, you really need to decide if you truly want to help someone or if you are only interested in how many hits you can accumulate.

Ive been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now and its been amazing but theres this guy from my past who work with now and im so temptedto cheat on my boyfriend with him. I care so much about my boyfriend and never want hurt him but i have done things that i shouldnt have involving the guy but ive stopped it cause of my boyfriend. Its so hard to work with him everyday, hes like eye candy walkin around. What do i do?
Temptation, NC

clokefoen, Albany

01 good times gone bad 02:46
02 babe im gonna leave you 06:42
03 dazed and confused 06:27
04 communication breakdown 02:28
05 whole lotta love 05:34
06 what is and what should never be 04:44
07 immigrant song 02:27
08 since ive been loving you 07:24
09 black dog 04:55
10 rock and roll 03:40
11 the battle of the evermore 05:52
12 when the levee breaks 07:10
13 stairway to heaven 08:02
CD 2
01 the song remains the same 05:31
02 no quater 07:00
03 houses of the holy 04:03
04 trampled underfoot 05:36
05 kashmir 08:29
06 ten years gone 06:32
07 achilles last stand 10:23
08 nobodys fault but mine 06:18
09 all my love 05:52
10 in the evening 06:51
Pipgalentilla, Colonel Hill

wt cn i d, 2 kep mi relatnship safe cuz w ar distnc 4rm each athr
Sgabe, Kimberley