Marathon updates

Happy Patriots Day and Marathon Monday and tax day.

I know that many of you are out, so we'll do some short updates instead of a letter.
Also: I'm going to Las Vegas tonight with two close friends from college. I'll be posting letters from the road, but I won't be in front of Love Letters all day. I'll still be getting e-mail, so feel free to send letters and questions.

The first update is from someone who had recently seen the light.

I read all of the advice in LL and listened to the advice from my friends and loved ones, but most of all I listened to my heart and I decided that telling him how I felt was the best option. I spent a few days going over and over in my head exactly what I would say and when. I planned on telling him on the next time we hung out but at the end of the night; I figured it was the best course of action just in case things got awkward.

The day finally came (right before Valentine's Day). We spent the day together with plans to go into Boston and walk around. Suddenly everything just fell into place without a word being said between us on the Green Line. We started to hold hands and at the end of the night, when I was going to say something, he kissed me. It is great knowing that he felt the same exact way that I did. I personally have never been this happy and I can tell that he is very happy too.

Happily ever after? I sure hope so, but for now I am just enjoying life day by day.

The second update is from someone whose girlfriend wanted him to pay for vacations. I should mention that his e-mail included wedding pictures.

My letter expressed concern that she insisted that when a couple travels, the man pay for the airline tickets, hotel, everything. This bugged me. And it was at odds with the fact that she brought me boatloads of groceries whenever she visited and was otherwise more than fair, in fact exceedingly generous. Your readers told me to relax, it was a cultural thing. So I did. And when we went to Rome for our honeymoon, she and her family ended up contributing significantly, probably because it was her decision, not my making her do something. ... She is the kindest most thoughtful woman I have ever met. Why I strike her fancy is a mystery.

And finally, an update from someone who heard from an ex. I love this one.

Were I to believe in tattoos, I would scrawl "trapped under something heavy" right onto my forearm! But since I don't, I keep that saying in the back of my mind as a playful reminder to never look back at my ex and keep on keepin' on. As such, I've been dating, received an award at work, and just moved into a new beautiful spot of my own in the city. I'm finding out what I like and having fun doing so!

I never did respond to my ex, but I will say the guy does not know how to take a hint (or maybe he does, and doesn't like the hint to be had). There have been additional e-mails from him, which were promptly deleted. But this weekend's e-mail is the kicker - word for word, "Do you remember what happened a year ago today?" Yes, dummy, you dumped me! Needless to say, the e-mail's in the trash can. I was momentarily infuriated when I received it, but realized it's a lot of effort to waste on him. In fact, I don't even know why I'm wasting neurons (on him) to write this e-mail about him or his words at all, but I thought if anything, it would make for a good update for Love Letters.
Take care,

Not Answering (or Interested) in Boston

That's all for today. Congrats, runners. - Meredith