Sending love

Writing to you from Vegas at 5 a.m. (your time). As I mentioned yesterday, I'm here for a few days for a mini college reunion. It feels strange not to be home right now. We landed about an hour ago with many exhausted runners on board. The entire flight applauded them. People were so kind.

I wasn't sure whether we should have Love Letters today, but those of you who reached out last night told me that you might want a distraction from the rest of the news, and that you might need the page as a forum for community. I am always happy to provide distraction and, more importantly, community.

So I'm keeping it simple and posting one more update, which happens to contain a question. Feel free to answer it, use the page to help one another, send messages ... whatever feels right.

- Meredith

This is the original letter.

And the update:

Hi Meredith,
I took your advice and stayed with my boyfriend. We've settled into living with one another, and we've put talk of marriage off. He still wants to get married, but he's letting me take my time to figure out how I feel about it. I'm glad I took your advice because slowing down and thinking about why I think about someone else has helped me understand my relationship better.
I realize that I still think about the other guy because he made me laugh often. My boyfriend, while wonderful, rarely makes me laugh. Currently, I'm considering whether I want my relationship anyway. How important is laughter?

- No laughing matter