Love Letters spam

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But if you're stuck at a computer, here's some Love Letters spam, also known as the letters that come in a bit too vague, short, nonsensical, off-topic, over my head, or obvious for me to answer. Enjoy and help. - Meredith


I am in love with a coworker but she doesn't know it. We are friends. I want to be more than friends but she just told me she went back to an ex. I feel so awful and confused! Do I tell her how I feel or just sulk?


Hi there,

I've been dating a guy few months ago and he is a very loving, caring, romantic guy, im start falling ti him but he said as of now we dont have any commitment and falling in love is not allowed, but i cant hide it im totally fall in love with him and he said also we need to enjoy each other company, and now i can feel it that he wont need me anymore bcuz he wont reply all my texts and dont answers my call it really hurt....what shall i do i dont want to lose him.

Beth, Toronto

i cant forget about my ex but he moved on is he the 1,or am i just wasting my time

Bino, Botswana

about 6 months ago i met this guy. He was everything and much more i ever looked for in a guy. The first question he asked me was how far i was from getting married. That was weird and it stuck to my memory. We got to know each other more and he would keep skimping for me to kiss him. I kept telling him i wasnt going to make it that easy for him. He kept telling me how much he liked me and got jealous if other guys gave me attention and stayed near me. I finally agreed to go visit him and we had a great time! He told me i was a great kisser and i decided to allow things to go their way. Then he started ignoring me and avoiding me. After a while i asked him what was going on and he told me it would be better if we were just friends. I respect this but i have no idea what made him change his mind...hes going away for a while and he has issues, but who doesnt? I dont know what to do. I miss him so much and i dont get to see him anymore. I never did anything bad to him except to tell him how special he was to me. And i truly meant it. Why did he change his mind? Did i put him off?

Stella, South Africa

Thought you might like to know Meredith, that some of us can no longer read the comments at all. Operating on a Macbook Pro, using OSX 10.5.8. No problems for years, just recently.

Sockpuppeteater, NH

My boyfriend of 2 months told me the thought something was missing in our relationship, although he cares for me very much, he said he was hurt real bad in a relationship just before we met and is having a hard time to love again, what is your perspective on this, and how can I win his heart, we get along so well.


Ive been comingiling with my significant other for two years now. we first started off as booty call partners. then i left my significant other and began a manogamist relationship with him. before we became only lovers to each other he kissed me. then one night i guess i enjoyed the kissing a little to much. that was the last time he kissed me or even pecked me on my neck or back or anywhere else. ive been asking him why. i ask him what is the reason. he says im paraniod. what do you think?

Tear Drop, Florida