International day

Because so many of you are off today (and I don't want to cheat a letter writer out of everyone's comments), we're having a Love Letters break. No tell these guys what to do.

Also, if you didn't get to comment on Friday's letter because of the morning's tech glitch, please do.

Dear Meredith

I met this guy who works in the school I used to go to, and I instantly felt some kind of connection. However I found out he has a girlfriend and I tried to keep my distance, even going as far as ignoring him. However he started coming to my classes and talking to me. After my graduation we exchanged numbers since it was now OK for him to get to know me personally (since I was a student he had to be professional).

As much as I chided myself not to get close to him, we ended up having drinks at this bar I frequent. After he left everyone in the bar we were gushing about the powerful vibrations we were giving off and the incredible chemistry between us. A week later I find out through a mutual friend that he broke up with his girlfriend. He also however went on to open up to this mutual friend about his feelings for me and how he is struggling to deal with it. He told her that though he broke up with his girlfriend they are still living together until she finds an alternative for stay. Out of respect for his (ex)girlfriend still living there and also afraid that I might think that I am just a replacement, he is hesitating to ask me out. He also said that he can see it in my eyes that I like him too but he is however not sure if I like him enough to be with him. He is also scared that some other guy might capture my interest by the time he comes out of his space and ask me out.

The friend did not tell him that I am crazy about him. I really do not know what is bothering me but I would definitely like some advice and some perception of how to show him I very much like him and would love to be with him without actually telling it. I would ask him out myself but since he just broke up I figured he might need some space before jumping in another relationship. Thank you for your help.

– Help, Paris


I like this boy. Well, in fact I think I love him! I have told him I like him and he didn't really say anything :/

The worst part is he is my best friend and it is super awkward whenever any of our friends bring up the conversation of who we like.

I would understand if he doesn't see me the same way but I want him to talk to me, I want to no how he feels and if there is any chance that we may be together. If he told me there isn't at least I can move on.

Now here is the big question... How do I do this without making our friendship awkward???

– What can I do, York, UK