He says he doesn’t want to date me

I met a wonderful, age-appropriate single man (60+), who I have become non-romantically close with. We are emotionally very intimate and I would love it to be more. He tells me he doesn't want to date me, but when pushed tells me he is attracted to me and can't seem to give me a clear answer.

He calls often, we always have a wonderful time together, and I tease him about his boundaries. I know this could be something right. What do I do?

– Positive I am Right, Cambridge

"He tells me he doesn't want to date me."

That's the answer, unfortunately.

He's been clear about his desires (or lack thereof), and you've turned to passive-aggressive teasing to deal with the tension. If you're looking for a partner as opposed to a platonic companion, you have to move on.

Tell him that you love spending time with him but that you have to take space and look for someone who shares your needs.
For the record, you might be right about the potential here. But it doesn't matter if he's not willing to pursue it.

Readers? Should she move on? How should she deal with this man? Is there potential? Help.

– Meredith