When Do I Take Her as a Date to Weddings?

I'll post some Love Letters spam on Monday.


I got out of a long-term relationship about two months ago. We broke up because we were far too different and wanted different things out of life.

I recently met a new girl who I have been out with twice, and we have plans for a third date. We have really clicked, enjoy speaking with each other, and have a lot of common interests. I really enjoy spending time with her and can see things progressing. But obviously it is early.

My question is this: I have two weddings to go to this summer. One of which I need to RSVP for in a week. I would really like to take this girl, but do not want to scare her off by asking her too soon. The other wedding is in August, so I think that should give us enough time to get to know each other better. Do you think it is too soon to ask her to the wedding in June?

Thank you,

– Unsure in Cambridge

Too soon, my friend. Go to the June wedding alone. And really, think about going to the August wedding alone too.

Weddings are about witnessing and celebrating the love of a couple. They're not an activity for a 6th, 7th, or 15th date. If you're committed to this woman at the end of the summer, you can start thinking about bringing her to weddings. But for now, you're just getting to know her. Do not plan ahead.

You're used to having a companion at big events, but you don't need one. It's important to know that you can survive these things -- and have fun -- alone.

Readers? June too soon? August? How serious do you have to be with someone to bring them to a wedding?

– Meredith