I’m active and he’s older

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OK, I know I'm probably going to end up sounding shallow no matter how I phrase this. I am a divorced woman who has recently met a pretty great guy. The only problem is he's more than a decade older. I am 51 and he's 63. I've dated only sparsely since my divorce, not because I'm not interested but because I'm not very good at the whole dating thing. It's difficult for me, so finding someone who appears to have potential is very big. But the question is: Do we really have potential?

I am a very active person who is blessed with good health from a family of that has aged really, really well. I enjoy lots of high-impact outdoor sports like skiing and hiking, etc. When I envision my future and retirement I envision an active lifestyle with lots of travel and outdoor adventures. The thing is, when I'm 65 he'll be 77. That can be a big difference in terms of physical capabilities. Please be gentle, LL readers. Should I pursue this relationship and see what tomorrow brings? Or should practicality win out and should I start looking elsewhere for the long-term?

– A Springier Chicken

I wish you had told us more about what makes this man "pretty great." Are you falling for him or is he simply an alternative to more not-so-great dates?

If you enjoy spending time with him and the relationship is starting to feel special, stick with it. The physical stuff could be an issue down the road, but you can't make decisions based on whether this man all want to ski in 15 years. You have to focus on how you feel about him right now.

And that's the interesting thing about your letter – the fact that based on your short time together, you think you might want his company when you're 65. It doesn't sound like you want to let go.

Readers? Thoughts on this age gap? Does she want to be with him?

– Meredith