Two updates for the holiday

Today is a holiday, ao let's go through two updates that didn't arrive in time for me to run them on New Year's.

The first is from someone who slept with his best friend.

I realized shortly after the letter was posted that I needed to take control of the situation and fix it. I had an open and honest discussion with my best friend, and because of that chat, it became clear that there was never going to be a chance for us to be together. He didn't directly say it, but I can read between the lines. Surprisingly, I wasn't upset. I was actually relieved. I had the perfect opportunity to move on…and I did. We're now closer than ever and I have absolutely no interest in any kind of romantic or sexual relationship with him anymore. Once I stepped back and looked at the situation from a different perspective, I could see that the deeply rooted problems in his marriage were likely his driving force to seek companionship elsewhere. Bottom line, we're back to normal and it's like the whole thing never even happened.

The second update is from someone whose boyfriend had late-night activities.

Hi Meredith – I wrote in to you in 2012 regarding "my boyfriend's late night activities." Your advice was really spot-on. You told me not to overreact, as he seemed pretty open about the situation after I inquired further. We had a great conversation about our relationship and setting boundaries that we were both comfortable with. We also made jokes about adjusting to life living together and things we could expect to learn in the future. We have now been married over two years and have a baby due next month. We have a fantastic relationship and life is good! I will say that I have hesitated to write in with an update before now because 1) mine seems completely boring compared to others and 2) I was hesitant to put myself out there to most of the commenters again. While some of the comments from 2012 were helpful, many were not (She's fat! She's a prude!). So a huge thank you to those that took the time to provide constructive feedback and thought!