Concerned about his financial status

Dear Meredith,

I am so confused. I started dating a colleague around six months ago. He's a brilliant guy – sweet, considerate, very understanding, and supportive. The major drawbacks would be his social and financial status, which do not match mine. Our families' standing in society isn't the same.

It was going well for the first six months. We even discussed serious topics like marriage and a possible future together. However, I have been plagued by doubts about the financial differences we may face in the future. Don't get me wrong, he is really good at his work and I think he may go places, but is that enough? Also, will I be able to make the adjustments that would be required of me to fit into his world?

I feel like these doubts – and the thought that I may be settling in the relationship – have taken something away from it. I feel like something may be missing and I am wondering if I should just end it now and save us both future heartache? Please help!

– Lost and Confused

We all have different priorities when it comes to choosing a long-term partner. Some must find a spouse who prioritizes kids. Others need someone with a tremendous sense of humor. For you, it's about money and class. You prioritize "family standing." Commenters (and I) might be tempted to judge, but at least you know what you need.

Your best bet is to drop this guy and look for a better match. Don't take any more of his time, because the breakup will only get more complicated.

Also, try to focus on finding a guy that fits the bill. Perhaps your family can work on a set-up. It sounds like they're the people who can understand what you're looking for.

Readers? Should she wait this out and see if she can fall for him? Should she let him go?

– Meredith