Love Letters Spam for the holiday

At the most recent Love Letters event, someone asked me to run another installment of Love Letters spam. That's what we call the letters that are too nonsensical, theoretical, short, off-topic, over my head, or confusing to run. Some are really just spam, while others are comments as opposed to questions. Today is a holiday, so here's a roundup of Love Letters entries that fit the bill. Feel free to comment and offer your thoughts/advice.


Q. i wanna to say something about love letters.

Q. I have a crush on my best friend

Q. Hello Loveletters Hope you\'re having a great, Productive day I Have researched and designed an info-graphic on Love Letters,on Which Publishing will add More Values To Your Site. I would be happy if you could publish the info-graph on your website/blog and I Am willing to help you with An Article if U Want to. I Really Think This IS something your Audience Will love And I Know It\'ll perform well. Let Me know Your Thoughts And Have A Great Week.

Q. The world is a crazy place...loves a bitch ain\'t it.

Q. I feel like your comment section is just a faceless opportunity for people to be mean. It just puts so much negativity into the world. I know I don't have to read it, but I am usually looking for other people's honest perspectives on the letter in question, and I just end up reading a bunch of people trying to one-up each other on who can be the most nasty or clever.

Q. why do men ask for money...does it mean they are only using you and not really love you

Q. Hey i have a crush on this guy and i would love to tell him but i just dont have the confidence!

Q. I'm infatuated with a girl that I know and I don't know how to approach her or chat her up please can you give me some pointers... DAVE

Q. I don't know this website,I just wanna type something out of my mind especially,love. My heart's just broken and I just wanna find a friend or a blank to fill my words. I'm so sad and lonely. Ohhhhhhhh! How can he did that to me? What did I do that made him go? If I'm brave enough I want to tell him something. You were a good friend so I don't want to lose you. Please,tell me something.I'm sorry.

Q. The site is lagging.

Q. love suks

Q. Love the column! Reading the kinds of letters that go online have done wonders to solidify my commitment to the MGTOW life.