Holiday Updates

Time for some holiday updates. The first update is from a letter writer who says the commenters should have been more ... constructive. Construcitve is always good.

I'm now married to the love of my life and moved to the UK to be together. So thank you for your advice, and maybe two percent of the responses I read that weren't calling me names and making fun of me. I still read Love Letters, but don't bother reading anything written by your supporters.

The second update is from someone who was dealing with a boyfriend's female friend.

It's been just over two years since I wrote you the letter about my boyfriend and my issues with his female friend. I'm happy to report that since I wrote that letter, we got a dog together, moved in together, and got engaged. We will be getting married this fall in Boston and couldn't be happier.

Will the female friend be attending our wedding? Yes. But I'm happy to report that your advice, Meredith, was very spot on. Friend groups change and evolve, as do relationships. My fiance's friends have since moved from the area, gone in and out of relationships, and in turn the dynamics of the friend group have shifted. The female friend and her boyfriend who I wrote about are still together and more and more serious, and the time we spend with her/them is much less frequent than it was at the time. All in all, the situation is pretty much a moot point. Given all the steps we've taken in our relationship, his friend certainly had no choice but to accept me and respect my place in his life, but she and I are also in a place where we enjoy each other's company in the limited time we're together.

Most importantly to me was my partner's support of me throughout this situation. He took my concerns seriously, put our relationship first and foremost, and worked with me to help us both feel comfortable in the situation moving forward. My advice and hope for many of your letter writers is they find partners who will do the same.

The final update is from someone who wanted to talk about HPV.

I just had my annual pap and my abnormal cells are gone and I tested negative for HPV. I am so relieved. Thank you for your advice. It really helped me with the stress I was feeling.