The Top 10 Love Letters of 2016

Thank you for reading Love Letters in 2016. I very much appreciate it.

This is a list of the Top 10 most popular letters of 2016, based on page views (the letters with the most comments aren't always the most popular with readers).

People seem to like it when "sex" or "slept with" is in the headline. I'll do more of that in 2017.

If your favorite letter wasn't on this list, please let us know what it was. For comparison, here's a best-of list from 2015.

The 2016 Top 10:

10: I (Almost) Found Proof That He Cheated

9: I Want More Sex

8: Falling For My Work Husband

7: Should I Call It Off Before She Gets Hurt?

6: He Didn’t Tell Me He Had A Son

5: Sent A Sext And Overreacted

4: He Wants His Own Bedroom

3: Should I Tell This Woman I’ve Been Dating Her Fiancé?

2: Slept With His Best Friend

(drum roll)

1: She Had Sex With 10 Men In 1 Year

Also, here's one end-of-year update from someone who was single in 2014.

Hi, Meredith and readers. My update is not that I met someone, but that I am enjoying the life I have. I love my work, have improved my work/life balance, have really terrific old and new friends, seek out ways to challenge myself (right now, learning to swim). Basically, I just calmed down about the whole stress of being alone. I may not have a romantic partner, but I no longer feel an emotional void. I am happy, no longer sad. Thanks, The Rev

Again, thanks for reading. We'll take Monday off for the holiday. Please have a wonderful New Year's Eve.

– Meredith