Dating him feels like a game

Is love really just a game? It has been my experience that men are interested – until you become interested back and show more interest in him. For months, I had a man ask me out. After an especially painful divorce, I continued to put him off. Finally, I decided to give it a shot. We went out a few times, things got more serious, and I felt myself liking this individual. Texts were sent, calls were made, and then this man – who seemed so interested –was drifting out to sea.

Before he was all about setting up dates and times when he would see me. That changed to responses like "let's see how the day goes." It feels like a chase, like a game. I know of couples who have been married for years, and some are still happy, but I secretly wonder – does one of them never really give in?

– Games

You're asking me to generalize here, but if I must, I'll tell you that love is not just a game, but it does have a lot to do with timing. Months ago, when this man was interested but you weren't available, he might have written the same letter. Sure, you had reason to delay, but he might have his own reasons for slowing down now.

It's also possible that the relationship is not what he thought it would be. Maybe it's time to talk about how it's going and where you stand.

It's true that some people want what they can't have, but many people just want what makes them comfortable and happy. If this man isn't making you comfortable and happy, you don't have to stick around. It's time to consider your own motivation for trying to make this work.

– Meredith

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