Seeing him every day at work is crushing

Hey there,

I am am having a hard time moving on from a coworker crush. We both like each other very much, and have developed a strong emotional bond over the year. We care about each other, but he is engaged and in a long-term relationship. Also, he is around 15 years older than me. We have talked about it, and have decided that it's not in our best interests to pursue a relationship. But I can't seem to accept that deep down. Seeing him every day at work and not being able to talk to him about my life is crushing. I really think we would be great together and can't stop thinking about him. Should I move on? Or is it worth fighting for?

– The Fight

Do not fight for this. He is engaged to someone else. That is the end of the story.

I do understand that sometimes it's hard to move on from a crush when you know that it's at least a little bit reciprocated. It feels like it could still happen, because those feelings are still there. It can be easier to get over something that's 100 percent one-sided, which is why you have to accept that you're the only one who wants this. He doesn't want to fight. His boundaries have been set.

You say you miss talking to him about your life, but that's what friends are for. Go make some new ones, and try to set up some dates. This man is not the only person who understands you. The world is bigger than your office.

– Meredith

Readers? Is there a fight here?