The video I found on her computer

I've been with my girlfriend for six months. We have a great relationship and I trust her. She's an amazing woman.

I was at her place alone, and was on her computer sending out some emails, and then got a little nosy and wanted to see some of her old pictures. I found one video from months and months before we met. She was at a bachelorette party, not doing anything X-rated, but maybe some R-rated behavior, dancing with some strippers in a strip club. Other than that, nothing else. I don't know why, but it's bothering me. Maybe I'm Just being insecure. She was single. It just doesn't seem like her.

– Insecure

Don't snoop. That's the first lesson here. Having access to someone's computer to check your email doesn't mean you have permission to go through their stuff. (I know you know this, but you need a reminder).

As for your feelings about the video, maybe you're realizing that at six months, you don't know everything about your girlfriend. She had a life before you, and she's different with her friends. That's the best news, because if you knew everything about your girlfriend at six months, the rest of your relationship would be pretty uneventful. You should be excited that when it comes to this "amazing" woman you trust, there's so much more to know. Don't confuse curiosity with discomfort.

– Meredith

Readers? Why is this letter writer upset?