He hides some of his photos

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost six years. We are both finishing college and have been doing distance for the majority of our relationship. He has been an amazing, genuine, and trustworthy guy over the years, and I am very happy with our relationship. But ... he left his Facebook up on my computer last visit, and I made the mistake of snooping.

I already know snooping is wrong. I feel very guilty about it, but curiosity got the best of me. I'm not sure how to address what I found. I saw that there are a handful of Facebook photos that he has purposely "hidden" so that they wouldn't show up on his timeline. They are all group photos with girls in them from parties at his college. Some of the girls I have met before, some I haven't. I'm honestly just confused as to why he is purposely not letting me see these types of pictures. I wouldn't be mad if I saw he was tagged in the pictures, so I'm not sure why he would hide them from me unless something fishy was going on. Any advice?

– Hidden

It doesn't sound fishy to me. It's not as though he'd removed a bunch of pictures with one particular girl. You didn't find some private page labeled "secret family."

Maybe he didn't like the way he looked in those hidden photos. Maybe, as he prepares to finish college and start a new kind of life, he doesn't want to clog his timeline with 1,000 party pics. Don't assume that the choices he makes about his social media pages have anything to do with you or your relationship. If you're happy, be happy.

Long ago, when I was in college, you could take pictures of parties, wait to develop them, and then decide which images you wanted to make public. I like this new world – I could have used some filters during my college years – but I miss the privacy. Your boyfriend is making choices about his own page, and that's OK. If you trust him, and it sounds like you do, let it go.

– Meredith

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