His ex watches everything on social media

Hi Meredith,

My boyfriend's ex-girlfriend seems to be a bit crazy and overly jealous. They broke up years ago, but once she found out we were dating, she immediately requested to follow me on social media (without knowing or meeting me). His response, when I told him, was to advise me to ignore her. He said she's crazy and nosy, so I shrugged it off.

But I still see that they are friends on Facebook, and she continuously follows all of his friends and family's posts, and immediately likes everything that his sister posts. My boyfriend and his ex are from the same town so they have managed to keep mutual friends. It makes me feel uncomfortable that someone wants to keep up with their ex's life so often and continuously.

I don't understand why she needs to keep up with what he has going on when he has moved on with his life and has no concern about hers anymore. We are very happy and committed to each other and have a growing future together. Do I have to worry that this girl is constantly going to be in the background keeping up with our lives?

I don't want to tell him what to do or to take her off his social media, but I don't see the reasoning for her behavior at this point. Does she suffer from a case of nosiness? Loneliness? Jealousy or hatred?

– She Likes It

Wait. All she's doing is liking posts? Why would you assume she's miserable and jealous? Let's give her the benefit of the doubt for a second, because she could be the kind of person who likes a lot of things on social media. Maybe she really bonded with your boyfriend's sister and just wants to be nice.

For the record, I do think it's a little weird that she requested to follow your accounts. There was no reason for her to connect with her ex's new girlfriend. That said, she's not doing anything without permission here. She requested access, and when you ignored her, that was that.

I know it's tempting to track everything she likes on social media, but you don't want the nosy and jealous person in this letter to be you. My advice is to hide her accounts as much as possible. If you do see her likes, ignore them. Assume she likes a lot of things. Some people can't help themselves.

- Meredith

Readers? Who's the jealous person here?