Love Letters Unsent with Esther Perel

I love relationship expert Esther Perel and her podcast, "Where Should We Begin?" I love her advice. I love her voice.

We were lucky to have Esther appear on the Love Letters podcast in the final episode of Season 1 ("The Friend Zone"). After that, she and I had an idea about love letters, in general — the real ones we never send and why we keep them to ourselves.

Esther and I are curious about unsent letters — those notes we've written to former and current loves but never mailed or shared — and now we're asking people to submit their own. Please send us those emotional notes you kept to yourself via the form below. You can stay anonymous and redact any identifiable information in your note. You can share a picture of something handwritten, an email, maybe even a text. Once we gather these letters, she and I will talk about what messages should be sent, why, and what we get out of writing letters, even when we keep them to ourselves. I might even submit a few of my own.

So go forth and find your Drafts folder. We're ready to read.

The form is here.

— Meredith