Do I have to block him?

Dear Meredith,

We broke up in April, 2018. I said I didn't feel like a priority. He agreed and then promptly ended our relationship.

We continued to see one another for the next three months. He graduated college and moved back home. Within a month, he met someone new. Today, he says he's in love and wants to marry her. The way he treats her is totally different than how he treated me in our two-year relationship. He never saw marriage with me.

We still talk on a daily basis, but my friends say I need to block him altogether. I can't imagine not having him in my life, no matter how much grief or heartache he has caused. I'm now indifferent when I hear about his relationship exploits, but a little bit of me wishes he tried as hard when we were together. Should I block him on everything?

- strangely conflicted

Do you talk to many other friends on a daily basis? If so, which ones? Daily talk is a lot of communication. You can have him in your life without being his best friend.

There are also a bunch of ways to block a person. Some are more about muting them or putting a cap on their presence. You can hide them on social media so you don't have to be reminded of them all day. You can change the text notifications on your phone to hide alerts from them, so you're not jumping to see what they've written. (I do enjoy that setting. Sometimes people are better for us when there's a little moon next to their name in our cell phones.)

Also know that blocking and hiding someone – especially an ex – isn't rude. With social media, there's so much pressure to stay connected. But real-life rules should apply. You wouldn't want to go on a group date with this person and his significant other, so you shouldn't have to see pictures of them or get little updates about what they're doing. You won't lose him by asking for less of him. He won't disappear forever.

It would be helpful to see how it feels to be out of his orbit. Try setting some new boundaries.

– Meredith

Readers? Block? Mute? Continue?