We’ll be back tomorrow (but in the meantime, New Beginnings …)

We'll be back tomorrow with a letter. But on this third day of a three-day weekend (for some ...), I ask this:

The fifth season of the podcast is about "new beginnings" – relationships that have re-started, moments when people have tried something new with their love lives, times when people found a new approach for dating. In some cases, people are telling us what will be new for them on the other side of this past year.

In the comments, can you tell me how you'd like your love life to feel new on the other side of this, or tell us about a time you felt like you had a new beginning, or maybe share your definition of what it means to start fresh in an older relationship? Looking for all takes on new beginnings, even if it's something as simple as, "I won't take traveling with my partner for granted." Whatever's on your mind.

See you tomorrow.

- Meredith