Updates and a 2022 Top 10

For many, today is the observed holiday for the new year.

To mark the occasion, we'll do the Top 10 letters of the year – and updates from two recent letter writers.

A note: Boston.com's most popular letters are different than the The Boston Globe's.

After letters run with us here on Boston.com, they are published in the Globe's print pages and on the BostonGlobe.com website. The Globe usually sees letters three to five days after we do. There wasn't much overlap with the lists this year – those readers were drawn to different topics, I guess – but the Globe's No. 1 letter did make the Boston.com Top 10.

Our list:

10. “Did my mistake really warrant this response?,” Aug. 17

9. "We’re emotionally cheating and his wife isn’t taking it well," Oct. 17

8. "After eight months away, our marriage is different," March 8

7. "Ten years later, my parents still despise him," Aug. 23

6. "At 30, men fall into three categories," June 3 (FYI: This was No.1 on the Globe’s list.)

5. "I can't date someone who is average looking," Sept. 28

4. "My wife is flirting with a coworker," Sept. 30

3. "Should I reach out to the other person in my spouse’s affair?" March 24

2. "My husband wants an apology from my mom," Jan. 13

1. "My mom won't allow unmarried couples to share a bed in her home," June 29

Now for the updates. The first is from a recent letter writer who didn't want to get married ... then had a change of heart. The letter writer said:

"We're engaged! Turns out, he was also wanting to get married for a while now. We're extremely happy and don't doubt our decision for a second."

The second update is from someone who wanted to meet someone on the dance floor.

"Hi Meredith,

I am the senior widow who loves to dance. (I had met my late husband and previous boyfriends at dances. Fast forward 31 years and now many of the old singles dance places were no longer in existence.)

I was extremely happy and appreciative to get your readers' many helpful and nice comments. I made a list of their most helpful suggestions with places I might try for dancing. When I wrote to you, I had also alluded to my local [spot], which at the time had not been doing as much with their dance hall as before the pandemic. Some readers had suggested I take more initiative there, or at other places I could rent and bring in a DJ.

As it turned out, I didn't have to do that: A month or two after I wrote, the dances started up again there in full force every Friday night. I have enjoyed going dancing there several times. I've made a couple of male friends there, but have not actually dated any one from the dances yet. The ratio of males to females was not in my favor, but with more advertising, new people are starting to come in. I have not tried the less local places on the list, but I will in time, and it's something to look forward to. I also enjoyed Christmas dinner with a bunch of married and single vegetarian strangers at a Boston Vegetarian Society restaurant buffet. I don't want to marry again, nor do I want to waste time with email relationships. It would be nice to meet someone compatible who also wants a close, lasting, monogamous partnership. I will continue to do things to find that someone, but in the meantime I'm grateful for what I do have in my life. Thank you again."

Thanks for reading and engaging with this column in 2022. I am grateful. You can send your own letter here.

See you tomorow.

- Meredith