Breakups happen. That’s not the end of the story.
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Bonus Episode

Camp Love

August 29, 2018

In this special bonus episode of Love Letters, Meredith explores camp love and the end-of-summer goodbyes that inevitably follow. Summer romances can be fleeting and ultimately insignificant. But sometimes they can mean much more.

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Season 1

Episode 8: The Friend Zone

May 8, 2018

Some people believe that establishing a friendship with your ex is the true sign you’ve moved on from the relationship. It’s not always that simple, though. In the final episode of Season One, Meredith explores friendship with exes — including her own — and she talks to Esther Perel about what makes that possible.

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Episode 7: You’ve Got to Keep Living

May 1, 2018

Can you really get back together after a breakup? Does harboring that hope prevent you from moving on? Meredith tackles these often-asked questions and explores the pitfalls of wishful thinking. And she talks to one family who defied the odds in an extraordinary way.

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Episode 6: The Night I Became Roy Orbison

April 24, 2018

Meredith explores the healing power of music after a breakup. A lovelorn actress walks into a karaoke bar — and finally finds peace. Hit songwriter Bonnie Hayes explains the universality of a good song. And master playlist-maker Patrick Garvin shares his breakup recommendations. (BONUS: Patrick made a special breakup playlist for Love Letters on Spotify. Find it here.)

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Episode 5: ‘I Feel Like It Was Fate’

April 17, 2018

The impulse to reinvent after a breakup can be strong. We want to run and chop our hair off. Or change careers. Or maybe climb a mountain. Meredith explores this quest for “breakup accomplishments” and how they help us raise our value — not necessarily for other people, but for ourselves.

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Episode 4: For Coffee, in Paris

April 10, 2018

So much evaporates after a breakup — the sweet texts, the lazy brunches, the shared Hulu account you both used for the “The Handmaid’s Tale.” But mementos from your time together remain, like relics of another era. Is it better to hold onto these things, or to dump them? Meredith investigates. With a cameo by Margo Howard.

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Episode 3: Cloudy with a Chance of Breakup

April 3, 2018

The worst kinds of breakups are the murky ones. You think maybe you’ve been dumped, but you’re not totally sure. Or you know you’ve been dumped but still have so many questions, starting with: Why? Meredith learns the do’s and don’t’s of breaking up — from the people who know best.

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Episode 2: Don’t Look at the Cupcakes

March 27, 2018

Breaking up was easier before social media. Not the emotional part — that was always hard — but the mechanics of it. You broke up and just avoided each other at the mall. Today, disentangling is … complicated. Photos of your ex with a new love infiltrate your news feed. Even a Venmo transaction can send you reeling.

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Episode 1: Getting Under to Get Over

March 20, 2018

It’s common advice after a breakup: The best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. But does it work? Is rebound sex empowering, or does it just leave you feeling lonelier? Meredith Goldstein explores the emotions — and the science — at play in one of life’s most vulnerable moments.

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Trailer: Getting Over It

March 6, 2018

In Season One, Meredith explores what happens when love ends in a breakup, and she takes on the hardest question she gets: How do I get over it?

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For nine years, Love Letters has taken on questions about dating, marriage, snooping, and more. In the new Love Letters podcast, columnist Meredith Goldstein gets deeper and more personal. Every season, she’ll pose a single, burning question about love and relationships and attempt to answer it through rich stories, interviews, and confessions from her own life.

In Season One, Meredith explores what happens when love ends in a breakup, and she takes on the hardest question she gets: How do I get over it?


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